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CC01 - Cry of the Kalahari

Takes me back to the beginning of the why:                                    
My ancestors landed in South Africa in 1728 from Europe, so does that make me more or less African? 
I have always wondered what makes the African Sunrise and Sunsets so unique or when the Lighting rolls across the landscapes and you see the game striding across the land, running for no real reason.
Then, I left my beloved country in 2004 and have not called it home since then, however my heart, mind and soul are still remembering the African rains, the African Sunsets, the incredible mixture of cultures and colors, the African way of doing things and probably the feeling closest to my heart the African bush with the African Earth. 
Yes, even after all these years, I still feel it. I guess Captain Siya Kolisi summed it up best during an interview at the 2023 Rugby World Cup...
But my take on it, The Feeling of being from Africa can just not be explained, it's really something beyond words. It's a feeling of no other and it doesn't matter where I find myself in the world, the ''African'' feeling just never wants to leave, especially around the campfire.
Then I realize that Africa is in my blood and one day I'd like to go and enjoy it all again, but all that brings me to this book Cry of the Kalahari, what an incredible story and I haven't come across another book that brings out the essence of the African nature out as much, this is a book that would not disappoint at all. As you read this you can actually sense nature and envision the landscape with the cultures and variety of people. A true must read.
When the roots of adventure are in your blood and soul, then you must live life. This is where we are now on our journey. Taking all the years and experiences of travelling, adventure & overlanding to combine them and provide you with an honest reflection of tried and tested products and advice where we can. 
Our product range and market range are ever expanding as we keep on developing relationships and test out new products which we know will do the task which is required while being on a journey and thinking back on days gone by but remembering on what is ahead.
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