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CC03 The returning cavemen Oman Part 1.

Have you ever felt that you just want to get away, just lock the door, get in your 4x4 and travel. Forget the daily stress, just become one with your soul and mother nature, even if it's only for one night.


This is where the returning ''cavemen'' comes in ... We all leave the fancy city lights to go enjoy the stars, openness and chats with loved ones or camping buddies. Sometime a solo trip is calling, then so be it, that is when you and you just chat away, contemplating about life. Thinking of the ifs and buts gone by and potential ones laying ahead.  life as it should be enjoyed while being in the wilderness or a well-organized camp site. In these creating memories moments, we all become close to Mother Nature and all the beauty (sights, smells and sounds) which is on offer. 

Yes, in these moments we feel overwhelmed and how small we actually are in the magnificent creation, we are part of. 

When we were based in the Middle East, we had a group of friends that would cross the international border to Oman from the United Arab Emirates. This would become a by-annual overlanding trip. (Sometimes a lad's breakaway, other times a family trip) 


On these trips unforgettable memories are created, from Campfire chats until the Moon gets tired and the sun is ready to cast the first rays of light on an arid dry mountain landscape. 

All this to escape, what we actually chase... in the cities. 

While on these rough and rugged trips you would have to endure extreme temperatures and sometimes unforgettable natural effects that take place. Just call it right time right place... 

Gear is all the more important on these trips. Making sure you are well protected from the blistering sun to the extra cold nights in a 24-hour cycle. 

Being in the middle of no coverage, no service and no people (apart from the ones on the trip) and the only thing you can reply on is your vehicle. 

This where man and machine truly become one and your vehicle becomes an extension of you.... but that would need to be continued at a later point... 






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