CC05 Return of the Cavemen - Oman Prt3 - Scruffy Duck

CC05 Return of the Cavemen - Oman Prt3

As we wonder through the unknown, we all have to stop at times and take in the beauty of what the unknown delivers in that point of time. 

Knowing that your only lifeline at certain times are your vehicle and the gear you carry with you. Especially when you are sitting in the open wilderness, where the eye can see for miles and miles and the only thing in sight might be old ruins of better days gone by.

Its these trips where you find yourself, around nature, around the campfire and a couple of buddies which you entrust around the firepit. 

 When the sun breaks through the morning sky over the mountain top, a new day filled with new adventures and blessing awaits. If you are lucky in the Middle East you might even find a great water pool being fed with water from rain which fell many kms away. The ideal time to cool down in the fresh water which was provided by mother nature herself.  

Being in such remote locations and having the time to look around and take in, just brings perspective to a person's mind at times, as we humans are so small compared the natural beauty around us. 

Looking forward to what is a head or around the next corner into the unknown is just such a unique experience which is difficult to describe at the best of times as each person would have their own perspective of the same event or discovery.

What a life to live.....  


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