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CC06 Get out and Go!!!!

Now and again, we seek silence, we seek peace, we seek understanding. This a reset for a moment, time well spent with family and friends.

Toto (Jeep Wrangler JKU) ready for action and a reliable all in one glamping set up. As its well-known happy wife happy life, so make camping as homely as possible. 


Glamping 4x4 setup. Only in a Jeep

Waeco fridge, Frontrunner Slim Line II Roof Rack, Epic Adventure Side Awning with Enclosure room, Howling Moon Adventure Back awning and Epic Adventures Rooftop tent. Iron Man 4x4 Dual Battery Charger and that was that. 

Well, that was the big-ticket items. I believe with these you have more than enough to enjoy the outdoors over an extended period of time. 

Having everything ready at an arm's length, just makes everything so easy and being a Wrangler with an almost square interior really helps with the packing and future builds. 

Comfort first and then design and change as needed due to constant testing and self-assessment about the vehicle of choice. 

Wild Gazelle in the harsh Middle  Eastern terrain.

Enjoying what nature has to offer is absolutely the pinnacle, even better so with people you love. 


They are so majestic in their natural habitat.

A view of the Arabian coastline.

At the end of the, it doesn't matter what you drive, but just get our and go. Enjoy life, enjoy what is on offer...

Any 4x4 will do , just get out and go. 

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