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CC02 - You define yourself, who are you?

We have all heard these: "Just to it" Go for it" "There is no better time than now" "One Life, Live It" - a Great Land Rover slogan, these are the 4 key words which I have used to try and define the true identity of the inner wild spirit that want to explore.

Adventure, Overlanding, Camping, Outdoors

Adventure: A quest for the unknown, a challenge to the limits, a thrill of the senses. Adventure is not a destination, but a state of mind. Adventure is not a matter of what you do, but how you do it. Adventure is not a risk, but a reward. Adventure is the spice of life. 
Overlanding: A journey across the land, a voyage beyond the road, an exploration of the world. Overlanding is not a trip, but a lifestyle. Overlanding is not a hobby, but a passion. Overlanding is not a vacation, but an education. Overlanding is the ultimate adventure.

Camping: A retreat from the city, a connection with nature, an escape from the routine. Camping is not a hotel, but a home. Camping is not a luxury, but a necessity. Camping is not a chore, but a pleasure. Camping is the simple adventure. 

Outdoors: A playground for the adventurous, a classroom for the curious, a sanctuary for the weary. Outdoors is not a place, but a space. Outdoors is not a limit, but a possibility. Outdoors is not a problem, but a solution. Outdoors is the natural adventure. 

I believe it's some sort of combination between these 4 words, that best describes the one who loves the outdoors and especially exploring the unknown. 

We, then need to look at another point as we progress through this lifestyle at heart, if one can call it that. 

What are required to make an ordinary trip/ journey really authentic and memorable? Let say you have the vehicle of choice, the ''gang" / scruffy ducks travelling with you? 

Then I'd like to say the gear that you use is surely up there on the list. From the kettle to the sleeping gear... All of it, in my many years of overlanding, I have learnt a couple of things, it's not always the fanciest gear that makes the trip more convenient and memorable, it's the gear that does what needs to be done, when you require it from them. 

During many years of overlanding and extended camping, I have fine-tuned my gear, and it was the fancy gadgets which I had to let go the benefit of spending more doesn't always make the experience better. 

Our gear is hand-picked, and we are also currently in the R&D process with certain gear which we know works and works well over and over again. 

I want to ask you again. "You define yourself, who are you?"

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